Innovative orthopedics, traumatology and sportsmedicine

An innovative Traumatology and sports medicine should regarded the human organism as an oscillating interactive system. Compatible with the physical formula E=mc2 the entire organism basically consists of "energy", an energy which "oscillates", partly in a dense, structural way (e.g. anatomical structures such as muscles, sinews or bones), partly in an incorporeal way (e.g. muscular innervation, electrical stimulation of heart, gastric and intestinal peristalsis, transmission of impulses of vegetative nervous system, physical regulations of body processes, mental activity as thoughts or memory). This concept is linked to the idea of the interaction between Yin and Yang of oriental philosophy: life is described as the dialectic dynamic process between Yin (dense energy/matter) and Yang (subtle energy).

Therefore an "all inclusive" diagnosis has to be "corporeal" as well as energetic in order to consider the complexity of the human being. In orthopedics and traumatology according to dr.zippelius® this means to combine all diagnostic procedures of western and of oriental medicine.

Only after such a complete, holistic and energetic diagnosis is it possible to intervene therapeutically on various levels of "oscillation" using: Acupuncture/Moxibustion, Osteopathy, (energy) Massage techniques, Herbal treatments, Feldenkrais/Alexander technique, Physiotherapy and Surgery.

The individually adjusted combination of different therapeutical approaches optimizes the treatment, because pathological processes on all energetic levels (from the dense, anatomical or structural to the incorporeal energetic level) are taken in consideration.

Beside his medical work, Dr. Zippelius does regular journalistic and educational activity to spread ancient knowledge and to promote the integration of TCM into western orthopedic and traumatological treatment.

Furthermore and since moire than 20 years he developes high quality and innovative, natural products for sports activity and care of locomotor system. If you want to know more about them, have a look to the Webshop of dr.zippelius ® srl (external link, you will be redirected to the independent Website of the company dr.zippelius® srl)